Helping Your Dog Adjust To New Home

Helping Your Dog Adjust To New Home Hank Buys Homes

Helping Your Dog Adjust To New Home Helping Your Dog Adjust to Your New Home. At Hank Buys Homes we take our furry friends serious. People are always worried about how to sell my house fast, or sell my house cash that we forget to make them a priority. Here’s some tips to help them adjust.

Helping Your Dog Adjust To New Home

Dogs love the familiar. They like to walk the same routes, eat the same food, follow the same routine, and be around the same smells and people they already know. However, as long as the world keeps turning, we all have to deal with change, even your precious pooch! A big change many of us face at some time or another is having to move to a new home. While a new location can be overwhelming for your dog, with your help they can easily adjust and get back to being their tail-wagging self in no time.


Start One-on-One

When it’s time to introduce Fido to your new abode, start slow and be there for him. You provide your dog with his ultimate sense of security. By taking the time to be there and introduce him to his new surroundings, you are letting him know that everything is okay, this is just going to be his new norm.

Work with Positive Reinforcement

Dog trainers use positive reinforcement to help dogs associate basic training with things they love– things such as treats and affection. Help your dog fall in love with his new home by using positive reinforcement. You can take time to play with his favorite toys in the living room and give him treats in the kitchen. It will help dispel feelings of uneasiness so he can relax and begin exploring his new environment with confidence.

Set Up His Own Space

Dogs need to have a little area all their own where they can go and escape when feeling tired or overwhelmed. Set up your dog’s bed in a quiet and warm spot that he can immediately associate it with being his own. You can also put some of his favorite toys, blankets, pillows, etc., in this area to help him feel comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore, go ahead and set up his food and water bowls in a spot where his regular feedings will be. Introduce him to that spot as soon as possible so he doesn’t feel any anxiety about where to go for dinner time.

Stock Up On a Stomach-Calming Staple

It’s pretty common for dogs to experience stomach issues when facing a stressful situation such as a new environment. This is normal and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm as long as the stomach issues only last for a couple of days. To help comfort his system, try adding calming foods that are easy to digest to his meals. Canned, pure pumpkin purée (not the pie filling) is chock-full of fiber and beta carotene. Adding a spoonful to his kibble can help quell both constipation and diarrhea. Warning– a little goes a long way when it comes to pumpkin, so don’t add more than a couple of teaspoons for a small breed or a tablespoon for a large breed. If you are concerned, talk to your vet before feeding your dog pumpkin.

Stick to Your Routine

As mentioned above, dogs do best when their lives run like clockwork. By sticking to your routine as closely as you can during this transitional time, you are letting your dog know that all is well and things can get back to running normally. Keep his feeding, walking, potty, play, bed, and exercise times as close to the same as they were at your old home. Your dog will fall back into his routine and soon he won’t even realize you’ve moved to a new place.

Provide Necessary Boundaries

If your new place has a back yard, make sure it is safe for your dog before letting him out there unsupervised. A Helping Your Dog Adjust To New Homesturdy wooden fence should be enough to keep your dog on your property and out of harm’s way. The average price to install a wood fence is somewhere around $1,311 to $3,048, so be sure to work that expense into your moving budget.

Dogs thrive when living within a routine, but moving can throw all of that out of whack. To help your dog adjust, slowly introduce him to the new space and use positive reinforcement to make good associations with the space in his mind. Make sure he has his own space and turn to natural remedies if you notice his stomach responding to the stress. Get back into his routine as quickly as possible and ensure his safety by fencing in your yard so he can’t escape. In no time at all your dog will be loving the new place just as much as you do.

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Helping Your Dog Adjust To New Home

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