Free Guide: Is We Buy Houses a Scam

Sell Your House For A Fair Price Cash OfferAs Owner of Hank Buys Homes I Have Done My Research.

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Sell Your House For A Fair Price Cash Offer

Congrats You now will now know the truth! With today’s technology, it is quite simple to look up a companies credibility on line. If someone is a scammer they will NOT to leave too many tracks back to themselves, and quite frankly if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  They will avoid bringing too much light on themselves. Since every reputable company has a website, and are quite cheep to create they too will have a website that they will refuse you too. But that website will most likely not be ranked very highly on google. Google goes by a very sophisticated and routinely updated algorithm that helps the user find what they are looking for, meaning that its not easy for a scammer to outwit google. So when you search for a local and legit business that buys houses for cash and find one on the first page, they have earned their respect from google.